The Neighbor – La Compagnie des Transports Publics (FR)
Fredag 4 oktober – Folkteatern


150 - 185 kr
fre 4 oktober
Speltid ca: 45 min


Kontakta Kulturpunkten vid frågor om biljettbokning eller hemsidan.

Kontakta arrangören vid övriga frågor om evenemanget.

The Neighbour grabs the audience in the twirl of a madcap comedy, which makes one feel happy… ever after!

He is a grouchy nerd, boy next door… and living next to you! Tonight, he will try to find love in a dancing singles night, to survive into the wild and fierce nature, and to share the genuine magic of Christmas Time. Beware, this clumsy boy searching for true love may have you under his spell!

In his romantic comedy ”The Neighbor”, Benoît Turjman makes us travel within the funny life of his weird character, feeling every moment of his life and blunder, without speaking.

The show is a smash hit in modern pantomime, warmly acclaimed everywhere it was performed. Since its creation, the show has toured around 200 times in France, from Europe to China, from Cuba to Cape Verde… and is still touring!

Actor and mime trained at Marcel Marceau’s International School, Benoît Turjman is part of the cast of major Netflix TV show ”Emily in Paris” and performed in French TV show ”LOL: Who Laughs Is Out!”. He acted in Isabelle Mergault’s award winning French movie ”You Are So Handsome” (Cesar for Best 1st Movie), he has collaborated to a FX sequence in the multi-awarded movie ”Bye Bye Morons” directed by Albert Dupontel, he . And overall, he was stunt double for Rowan Atkinson in ”Mr Bean’s Holiday”.

Since his debut, Benoît has dedicated himself to physical acting and has performed in over 30 shows, from commedia dell’arte to circus, opera to cabaret, and stunt show to mime. He has also coached in physical acting and been “script doctor” for companies and shows (circus, street shows, equestrial show, musical, commedia dell’arte, comedy and TV show).

The performance is a part of GBG Mime Fest 2024.

I denna romantiska komedi utan ord får vi följa Benoît Turjmans underbart underliga karaktär genom livet, och jakten på kärleken. Medan han letar sig genom dansanta singelkvällar, vild natur och julens magiska stunder, kanske han fångar dig på vägen! En succéföreställning i modern pantomim som har turnerat världen över.

Föreställningen är en del av GBG Mime Fest 2024.

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