Peregrino – Ricardo Cornelius
Söndag 17 november – Aftonstjärnan


165 kr
sön 17 november


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Foto: Rodrigo Vázquez

Borders in the world are drawn by people, however, when the rules are defined, they feel inhuman, because they are far from reality …

This performance is part of GBG Mime Fest.
GBG Mime Fest is a festival that offers high-quality live performances within the expression of mime along with workshops, master classes and academic talks within theatre and mime. The festival aims to push the boundaries of what mime is and can be in the 21st century by inviting both established and emerging artists to share their work with a wider audience. In addition to stage performances the festival presents installations, shorter acts and music acts.

Borders in the world are drawn by people, however, when the rules are defined, they feel inhuman, because they are far from reality … Dreamcatchers we fall into. We walk a path in which each one load our own house like in a trailer, where it seems that a long rope connects us to our roots. We walk with many memories united by a fishing net.

Migration is a brave act, a game that allows us to transform any reality unexpectedly; since, suddenly, everything changes. Even some episodes could be funny. Clown technique helps us to tell this story, without words, only with the body as a tool of communication. This is Peregrino.

We are sure that the power of a smile is the only means that destroys all borders, we want the public accompany us and improvise the adventures that we will form together in the show: Peregrino


Ricardo Cornelius is an experienced clown for over 18 years. He has studied with teachers like Eric de Bont, Phillipe Gaullier, Avner the Eccentric, Sigfrido Aguilar, Alaigne Vignaeu, Paolo Nani, among others.

Ricardo is co-founder of the Black & Blue Companies, next to the Cristi Garbo clown, Compañía Sonámbulos, and Compañía Los He has participated in the Slava Snowshow show in 2010 as a green clown. He is currently collaborating in Pallapupas hospital clown company. He is a Master’s Degree in Theater Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Institut del Teatre. Excluded from the Diploma in dramatic body mime at MOVEO, Barcelona. He has studied Music and Contemporary and Classical Dance at the Autonomous University of Puebla, and AREA Barcelona. He also holds a Degree in Plastic Arts from the Visual Arts Institute of the State of Puebla. In 2015, he was a fellow of the FONCA in the modality: “Arts of the clown”.

He has obtained recognitions for his work, such as:

Audience award for the best show in the Festival Entre Payasaos 2015, Zaragoza, Spain

Special Prize Gregory Dialev, Clown Festival, Comedian 2018, Ukraine


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