OH SNAP (SWE) – Pantomimteatern
Lördag 16 november – Aftonstjärnan


165 kr
lör 16 november


Kontakta Kulturpunkten vid frågor om biljettbokning eller hemsidan.

Kontakta arrangören vid övriga frågor om evenemanget.

Foto: Karl Johansson

Somewhere in dark and pixelated vacuum Majora suddenly wakes up alone and entangled in a digital net.

This performance is part of GBG Mime Fest.
GBG Mime Fest is a festival that offers high-quality live performances within the expression of mime along with workshops, master classes and academic talks within theatre and mime. The festival aims to push the boundaries of what mime is and can be in the 21st century by inviting both established and emerging artists to share their work with a wider audience. In addition to stage performances the festival presents installations, shorter acts and music acts.

Somewhere in dark and pixelated vacuum Majora suddenly wakes up alone and entangled in a digital net. Majora wants to call for help, but as soon as they open their mouth youtube clips, cute kittens and twittering fake news bursts out. Majora’s whole body is emitting the mass media of the world! At the same time Navi is hopelessly looking for their sibling while getting lost among memes, gifs, trolling, youtube-influencers and pointless status updates.

Pantomimteatern presents a multimedia mime-performance about screen-addiction that in a playful way wants to bring awareness to the younger audience about what the non-stop online presence does to our bodies.

Two actors in an inventive scenery with exciting sound design will take you on a journey.


On stage: Julia Gumpert & Lucas Carlsson

Concept & direction: Ana Stanišić

Set design and costume: Sara Kander

Sound design: Dijle Yigitbas

Mask: Agnes Kenttä

Light, video and tech: Kundali Löfstrand

Poster: Karl Johansson

Photographer: Bengt Wanselius

Teaching material: Linda Hovmark

Mentor: Daniel Goldmann

Production: Magnus Byström/Veronica Bedecs



Pantomimteatern performs mime and dramatic theatre based on movement. Our performances use the body’s own language and are characterised by warmth, humor and respect for our audience. Using light, sound, masks, scenography and music, we present stories with many depths, suitable for everyone – children, adults and people who lack developed language or Swedish skills. Pantomimteatern produces silent shows that make everyone talk. Theatre for the heart! Since 1977 children have seen Pantomimteatern´s performances at both Theatre Påfågeln in Stockholm, as well as on tour throughout the country and the world. In conjunction with our performances or completely independently, we also offer workshops.


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