Fredag 13 november – Teater Trixter


Teater Trixter
210 kr
fre 13 november


Kontakta Kulturpunkten vid frågor om biljettbokning eller hemsidan.

Kontakta arrangören vid övriga frågor om evenemanget.

Egoland is an interrogation, a confession, an intense psychological study for stage.

Intertwining personal narrative and a variety of shifting characters, the performance explores the relationship of the individual against a backdrop of an eroding sense of community and populist rage.


Egoland is a production by SRSLYyours under the direction of Achim Wieland which investigates our complex “Ego” and the subtle impersonal and global forces which leave us exposed and vulnerable to any new dogma, political movement, religion, populist sentiment or heroic figure. Where is the threshold in which we accept oppressive behavior, forfeit individual freedom for national interests, eventually excuse even the most atrocious acts of injustice and violence?


The devised performance questions our motivations and choices to live as critical πολίτες (citizens) or to remain lost particles in a silent mass, pulsing to the rhythms of powerful forces we cannot understand, partake in, or reply to.


The concept for EGOLAND was developed in Limassol, Berlin and Gothenburg with Achim Wieland (Direction), Martin Nick Alexandersson (Performer), Isabel Evers (Dramaturgist and Co-Direction) and Cypriot Actor/Director Marios Ioannou (Co-Dramaturgy).


SRSLYyours is a group of performers, dramaturges, researchers and visual artists based in Germany, Cyprus, Sweden, Greece and Switzerland.

We understand theatre as an incentive for social change – perhaps a political one. We are problem setters and embrace cross-genre and participatory formats. We combine sources with no guilt to produce alternative facts for stage. We take our audience seriously. We try not to be pretentious. We often start from nothing and have many cooks in the kitchen (or else its not a kitchen). We avoid protagonists – the ensemble is the star. We often speak simultaneously and have good reason to be perfectionists and dreamers.



Script: Achim Wieland with the Performer, Dramaturges and Collaborators

Performer: Martin Nick Alexandersson

Dramaturgy / Co-Direction: Isabel Evers

Research / Advisor Dramaturgy: Rania Iakovou

Environment / Light: Achim Wieland

Costume: Martin Nick Alexandersson

Sound: Per-Linus Westberg / Timmie Strandberg (Original Score) Additional Tracks: The Carpenters “We’ve only just begun”


Co-Producer: Center of Performing Arts MITOS In Collaboration with: Teater Trixter

With the support of:

Dance House Lemesos, TANZFABRIK Berlin, KONSTKOLLEKTIVET Mölndal, the Swedish Embassy Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus.

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