Måndag 20 april – GEST


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mån 20 april


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GEST is delighted to present #WRU
Since it’s World Premiere last autumn, #WRU is returning to our stage for a short period in April!

Where Are You?

Teenage Wannabe Youtuber Roija spends most of her time in her bedroom making videos and counting likes and subscribers.
She Vlogs mainly about her amazing sister’s abilities and latest adventures. She also gives useful tips on how to be the most successful Youtuber ever “Communicating is the most important thing and if you want to be successful you need to talk English or at least not Swedish”.

Roija’s parents are worried that she’s spending too much time online and alone in her bedroom and when the Internet is gone, what is left of her sister? Who and where is she? #WRU.


 “Brändén Whitaker has written a snappy and thought-provoking monologue which doesn’t waver from the tendencies of stress, danger and bullying that the Internet can cause.”– Kulturbloggen


Performed in English for schools ages 10-15 and families from the age of 10.

Written and directed by: Kristina Brändén Whitaker
Photos: Lina Ikse

Performed at GEST 15 April -20 April, and available for touring

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