Gästspel med Teatro Multilingue: One in three
Lördag 18 maj – Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater


Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater
150 - 200 kr
lör 18 maj
Speltid ca: 40 min


Kontakta Kulturpunkten vid frågor om biljettbokning eller hemsidan.

Kontakta arrangören vid övriga frågor om evenemanget.

Multilingual Monologue in English and Swedish

Dawn is a successful woman, both in her work and public life. But in her private life, Dawn is the victim of domestic violence at the hands of the men in her life. Until she instinctively reacts and, faced with yet another violent attack from her husband, she pushes him, making him fall down the stairs involuntarily causing his death. This event completely short-circuits her personality and lands her in a psychiatric institution.

Dawn carries several wounds, scars from the violence of which she was a victim, and each wound transforms itself into a voice of her soul that is embodied in a historical character. Dawn thus becomes all the women who have experienced an abusive situation, in the present and the past, and by listening and making the voices that live in her soul her own, by identifying with them, she finally finds the way back to life, to return to the light, precisely like a new dawn.

The show was the highlight of the Una su Tre Women’s Festival in Rome, Italy, in November 2023.

On stage: Tracy Walsh Caputo

Directed by: Flavio Marigliani

Photo credit: Violetta Canitano

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