A Hundred Words For Snow
Onsdag 22 november – GEST


240 kr
ons 22 november
Speltid ca: 1 t 15 min


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Gothenburg English Studio Theatre presents
A Hundred Words For Snow
by Tatty Hennessy

Rory’s dad was an explorer, well not quite, he was a Geography teacher, but Rory knows that he was made for something more. When he passes away suddenly, Rory makes it her mission to fulfill his lifelong dream. Alone and in the footprints of all the intrepid explorers before her, she sets out on an epic journey of self-discovery in a land of melting ice-caps.

“…if all the skin of the world hadn’t cooled and settled the way that it did and the oceans hadn’t flowed the way that they do and the ice didn’t freeze the way that it does… then I, Rory, me, here, hello, would never have been sitting watching my mum cry in a helicopter in a snowstorm with my dad’s ashes at the North Pole.”

Warm, funny and poignant, A Hundred Words for Snow will take you on an unforgettable adventure through love, loss and endless snow. After its prize-winning first performances, it transferred to London’s West End, where it received 4 Offie nominations including Best New Play and Most Promising New Playwright.

“I became kind of obsessed with these stories of adventure, but I noticed that he heroes of these stories were almost always dead, beardy men… I wanted to rewrite that narrative with a different hero.”
Tatty Hennessy

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