Colour Correction
Torsdag 5 oktober – GEST


200 kr
tor 5 oktober


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GEST welcomes an exciting visiting performance! Colour Correction is a unique international collaboration by Bananteatern (Sweden), Mukha Mugam Theatre Company (India) and performing arts collective BONTHROP (Sweden).

Performed in English, Swedish, Hindi and Tamil.

Influenced by the brutal gang rapes and murders of young women in India, the play pushes the limits of form and experimentation for stage making it a unique theatre experience.

Who is the woman of India today? Can we define her? What are the forces that shape how she is perceived and who gets to have the final word on who she is? Colour Correction presents the perspectives of media, the west and Bollywood in shaping the view of the Indian woman. Elephants, Yoga, Gandhi and now the gang rape…Is this what the sub- continent looks like to the west today? The play is a comedy that follows the life and dream of the everyday Indian woman.

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