Internal Destruction (UKR) – Ilinastroe
Lördag 16 november – Aftonstjärnan


165 kr
lör 16 november


Kontakta Kulturpunkten vid frågor om biljettbokning eller hemsidan.

Kontakta arrangören vid övriga frågor om evenemanget.

Foto: Gennadiy Chernomashintsev

Everything that embarrasses a person inside - he creates himself, and whether to get rid of it – he decides himself.

This performance is part of GBG Mime Fest.
GBG Mime Fest is a festival that offers high-quality live performances within the expression of mime along with workshops, master classes and academic talks within theatre and mime. The festival aims to push the boundaries of what mime is and can be in the 21st century by inviting both established and emerging artists to share their work with a wider audience. In addition to stage performances the festival presents installations, shorter acts and music acts.

The material world surrounds us and undoubtedly affects our state. And what happens, if you imagine your feelings that are living inside and affecting what surrounds us? Yes, it’s not a material world, it’s a world of thoughts and ideas.

Everything that embarrasses a person inside – he creates himself, and whether to get rid of it – he decides himself. Everyone has to go through an easy way to search for themselves in this world, but before trying to make this step in real life, we must go all the way inside of  ourselves.



Mime Theater “ILINASTROE”

Graduates of the Ukrainian Academy of Variety and Circus Arts. Mime captivated us with its infinite and versatile variety of means and techniques of expression. With these tools, each of us have the opportunity to bring to the stage a kind of vision of the world. Each of us have a pantomime technique and a similar mindset, but each one have inherent qualities that complement our shared creativity.


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